Friday August 28th 2015


By: Randall Stickrod

3/29/2015  11 Tips for a happy vagina! Time to give your vagina the respect and attention it deserves! Read article here.

2/25/2015 New study shows married sex actually improves if you make it to your 50th anniversary. Who would have thought? Read the article here.

11/5/2014  The first truly wearable couples vibrator? Coming soon, thanks to  crowd funding. Check it out!

10/18/2014 Five alternatives to Viagra worth trying? Excellent article on the full picture of male ED and proven approaches. Practical, current and directly useful. Best article on the subject we’ve seen in a long time. [read more]

8/4/2014 Sex every day for a month? This couple tried it and found it improved …well, everything! The commitment to intimacy pays big dividends. No matter how old! [read more]

Latest from our own Dr. Joel Block, Staying Up: Erectile Fitness Training for Good Sexual Health.  Don’t reach for those pills before you read this book!


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1. Q: When my husband and I have sex, he goes immediately to intercourse and
finishes before I get started. I’m left feeling hot and he’s snoring. Is there
something I can do to entice him into foreplay so that I can get some

A: Sounds like your husband has a bad case of Eager for Beaver. Throwing one’s
partner down and pounding her like a cheap steak characterizes this disorder.
Let’s see if we can [read more ...]


The French finally have a term for “French kissing” – the verb ‘galocher,‘ or kissing with the tongues. [read  more ... ]

Use of  surrogate sex partners rising among women over 40 [read more ...]

Kinsey Institute’s free app allows people to anonymously report on their (and others) sexual activities. Users get to see ongoing results,  and share, explore, visualize the study findings. [read more ...]

Over the counter libido fixes for women. As product offerings expand, the controversy remains. [Read more ...]Editor’s note: Have you tried one or more of these? We’d love to hear your story.

Seven things Bonobos can teach us about love and sex. From the Gottman relationship blog.


dr-walter-bortzWalter M. Bortz, M.D.

Prostate Massage – Good for you, or just fun?

Dear Dr. Bortz,

Like many men of my age (56) I suffer from mild prostatitis. Recently my girlfriend gave me a prostate massage as part of an extended love-making session. To my surprise I found it quite pleasurable. I have two questions:  Is it normal to get sexual pleasure from direct prostate stimulation?  And is there proven therapeutic  benefit to regular prostate massage? Can it remedy my middle age prostate issues?

Good questions!  First of all, if it feels good, relax and enjoy it. Period. Second, prostatic massage as treatment for prostatitis extends back to pre-history. Its use as standard therapy has had its ups and downs.But despite this extensive experience there is still no conclusive statement as to its value or lack of value in academic urologic circles. So the answer to your last question is a definite “maybe.”

Lubrication issues?

Dear Dr. Bortz,

As a woman “of a certain age” but with a healthy sex life, I find it necessary to use additional lubrication. Water based products don’t seem to hold up well after a few minutes of intercourse, and discomfort can come on fairly quickly as it wears off. So why shouldn’t I use something more durable, like vaseline or body lotion? How fragile is my vagina anyway?

Dr. Bortz: Atrophic vaginitis, secondary to reduced estrogen production, is a hallmark of older women’s health profile. Short of estrogen replacement therapy which is often problematic, the most common recourse is use of a lubricating liquid. Virtually all drug store chains have their own product but the most noted commercial entities are KY and Astroglide.The supposed gold standard product is Swiss Navy Lube which is mainly mail order.The name alone is enough to draw attention

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Cardiac Risk?

This question was posed recently, and it’s in a class of questions that I get with surprising frequency:

I’m in my late fifties and had a cardiac “event” about six months ago. It was fairly mild, I’ve made major lifestyle changes (diet and exercise, cut back on alcohol) and my doctor says I’m doing great and should be back to a full life. I agree, enthusiastically.

Problem is, my wife is not so sure. We’ve not had sex in six months, despite the return of a very healthy libido for me, post-surgery.  She fears that the excitement and energetics of sex will give me another heart attack and maybe I won’t be so lucky next time.  My doc tells me I shouldn’t worry about that, and in fact has been encouraging me to resume a normal sex life. My wife doesn’t have the nerve to talk directly to my doctor. What can you advise?”

Dr. Bortz: What has your cardiologist advised about exercise? Did he tell you to walk, run, swim, bike? The exertion associated with intercourse is most often likened to climbing stairs. I assure you that if you are climbing stairs, you can be having sex!  [Read more ...]